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In this dating competition show, participants go on a series of blind dates to find out who they'll match best with. The twist? The participants in each date will have to get to know each other while they're naked. The aim is to encourage people to see beyond fashion and judge people on what's inside. The goal is not at all to titillate viewers with the possibility of nudity which doesn't happen anyway, given that the show is on American basic cable. Dating Naked is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons 33 episodes.
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Dating Naked

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Watch Dating Naked Online | Full Series: Every Season & Episode

Society has certainly changed. What was thought of as indecent or out of bounds now seems no big deal, and reality TV producers are following that radical lead. They're stripping plots to the bare bones, so whether it involves wilderness survival, buying a home or -- in this VH1 entry -- meeting the opposite sex, clothing is no longer required. Filmed in an exotic location, "Dating Naked" follows men and women in the buff on dates free of preconceived notions. At the end of each episode, the romance seekers analyze what they've learned before deciding whether or not to pursue prospective matches. Dating Naked. Amazon Prime Video Buy.
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Dating Nak'ed S02 - Ep05 Two Young and Too Restless HD Watch

Watch Dating Naked. Reality , Romance. No Streaming Options Available. Most recommended streaming services. The show matched up several contestants who were routinely switched with other contestants.
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The full arrivals have their work cut out for them due to the two keepers. Chris' relationship continues to grow. Kerri, meanwhile, shows. Her luck may change, however, when Justin, a personal dinner, and Doug, a stand-up comedian, arrive. Chris plays volleyball and dress up with Carrie.
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